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Fantastic outdoor products that simplify people’s experience with the nature. Dalum means Dalarna and it was from the nature in this county the founders got their inspiration. They want to create functional products that simplifies outdoor cooking and wonderful moments by the camp fire. Their vision is to create a greater community between the people and the nature and ensure that more people take part in the joy that the nature spreads. The human kind has lived side by side with the nature for thousands of years but now it can easily be forgotten due to other things in the everyday life. Therefore Dalum believes that nature can be a perfect breathing brake in the hectic everyday life, and with their products it is easy to go on a short or long trip in the nature. 

Dalum is founded by the love of the nature and their products are manufactured based on the idea that there should be as little environment impact as possible, sustainability is extra important so the products can be used for a long time. When Dalum envelopes new products the have in addition to the environment quality and function as their main idea. They also make sure that the products has a design so they can be used in all different seasons and circumstances.


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