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The Eplaros brand is run by Emma Jansson from Hultsfred, Sweden. Eplaros products are known for their cute, playful illustrations of animals and plants, inspired by Swedish nature. Emma herself is a photographer, illustrator and graphic designer. Founded by Emma in 2008, Eplaros offers a range of products (useful everyday items, children’s books, gift items etc.).

The story of Eplaros

Emma Jansson, illustrator, graphic designer and photographer.

Emma Jansson, founder of the brand Eplaros, lives on a small farm in Hultsfred in the south of Sweden, together with her partner and their two hunting dogs. Every year, Emma spends a few weeks in southern Lapland, in the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve.

The word Eplarós means Sweetbriar Rose in Icelandic. In Swedish, Sweetbriar Rose translates into “Apple rose”, which is why Emma’s signature is an apple half. See if you can spot it in her designs!

The inspiration for Emma’s designs comes from Swedish nature, and from her love for the Icelandic horse. Her illustrations include everything from forests, patterns, farm yards, Icelandic horses, wild and/or tame animals, to hunting and fishing inspired themes. Oftentimes her art captures an encounter she’s had, sprinkled with imagination and fantasy.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by nature. Changing scenery from the deep forests of southern Sweden to the flora and fauna of Lapland has inspired many a new illustration and design. In 2018, I was part of making the books Vems spår? and Vems bajs? by publisher Triumf, together with author Sarah Watson. In 2019, Triumf published Mina första fåglar, a book I both wrote and illustrated.”

“I like to call the technique I use for my illustrations a modern collage technique. I start out with a paper and a pen, a pencil and a fine liner. I then scan the picture into my computer to colour it in, using Adobe Photoshop. I use the program to cut and create layers to add depth. The finished products are part photo, part watercolour and marker.”- Says Emma, founder of Eplaros.


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