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Here you’ll find seating pads made from natural materials that’ll keep you warm and dry when you’re out and about in nature. In our range of products, you’ll find seating pads made from wool and reindeer skin, materials that are naturally warm and moisture proof. They’re also light weight and easy to roll up and put into your backpack.

Sustainable seating pads made of natural materials 

Seating pads made of wool and reindeer leather are the best, sustainable alternative to conventional seating pads made of plastic.

Seating pad made of reindeer skin

Reindeer skin seating pads

Reindeer skin has been used as seating and sleeping pads for a very long time. The reindeer’s hairs are hollow, which is why the skins have such great insulating properties. All the seating pads we offer have been treated with silicone to keep moisture out. You’ll notice that sitting on a pad made from reindeer skin is almost like sitting on a heating pad, keeping you warm, snug and dry whenever and wherever you feel like stopping for a break. Our reindeer skin seating pads derive from free roaming reindeer living above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. The skins are prepared locally at Kero’s, in a small village in Swedish Lapland, and are treated with natural substances free of any toxic heavy metals. If you’re looking for larger reindeer skins for outdoor use, you’ll find those under the category “Reindeer skins”.

Wool seating pads

The fantastic insulating properties of wool are widely known throughout the world. Not only do we dress in wool clothing to stay warm, wool is also used as an isolating building material. The secret lies in the fibres of the wool, keeping warm air in, and cold air out. A wool seating pad is easily rolled up, needing little space in your backpack. The size of the pads makes them suitable for both smaller as well as larger bottoms and they come in a variety of colourful motifs, so finding your very own favourite shouldn’t be too difficult. The wool seating pads we provide are made from organically sourced lamb’s wool. This means the lambs are fed organic feed and that they are treated with great care and respect. The wool is also treated and coloured with all natural and nontoxic substances.

Outdoor seating pads

A seating pad made from natural materials can be used for various areas of your active outdoor lifestyle. When stopping for a quick snack break on your hike, or sitting by a cozy campfire at night, or while out fishing, waiting to hook that great catch. With a seating pad made from all natural materials you’ll never need to worry about getting cold or wet. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your surroundings. And when you are ready to move on, just roll your organic seating pad back up, put it in your backpack and off you go!

Seating pads for your home

Not only are these seating pads warm and practical for outdoor use, they’re also highly decorative. This means they work just as well indoors on your kitchen chairs, or your favourite arm chair, or perhaps even as a comfortable spot for your cat or dog. 

Seating pads for everyday outdoor life

These wool seating pads are perfect to put on your car seats in the wintertime as they’re durable and feel warm the second you sit on them. They’re also great for keeping baby warm in the stroller during walks in the snow. Have a look under the category “Wool blankets” for cosy baby blankets for the little ones!


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