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Care instructions for leather beak shoes


Emma Kero from KERO AB, where they’ve been making beak shoes since 1929, shares her best tips on how to make your beak shoes last.

Beak shoes in reindeer leather that are being polished

How to best take care of your reindeer leather beak shoes. Picture: Amanda Matti

  • Always dry your beak shoes in room temperature, not on a radiator or with a boot dryer. If the leather gets too hot, it dries out and may crack or tarnish.
  • Lubricate your beak shoes with leather grease regularly. It’s better to lubricate your beak shoes every now and then with a thin layer of grease, instead of putting one thick layer on.
  • Use leather grease made for naturally tanned leather – so that the products keep their breathability.
  • If the shoes get dirty or develop white salt rings – wipe the shoes with a damp rag. Let them dry in room temperature, and then lubricate them with a thin layer of leather grease.
  • When putting your shoes away for storage – Polish them and put shoe trees or newspaper in them so they don’t lose their shape.
  • Look after your shoes! These shoes are made to last, but since they’re made from a natural material they may dry out, stretch or crack. Best way to make sure your shoes stay in great shape is to take care of them!

Emma Kero gives care advice for beak shoes

Text & Picture: Amanda Matti

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