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Recipe for boiled coffee


Lemmelkaffe tells us how to make a REAL cup of coffee over open fire.

Lemmelkaffe in coffee pot over an open fire

Markus’s best tips for a good cup of organic kokkaffe (boiled coffee).

1. Head out to a remote spot, ideally by a lake. Bring a fly fishing rod for good measure. Now, we can’t for sure say it makes the coffee taste better, but it 100% improves the ambiance.

2. Get water from a lake or a river, or melt snow if it’s that time of year. Bring the water to a boil over an open fire.

3. Take the kettle off the fire and add Lemmelkaffe’s organic kokkaffe, preferably pre-ground at home with your own grinder right before leaving the house.

4. Place the kettle back over the fire and bring to a rolling boil. As soon as it boils, remove the kettle and let the coffee steep.

5. If you take your time and listen to the coffee, you’ll know when it’s ready. According to Markus, it’s just a feeling you get, as if the coffee somehow speaks to you. It may take a while, so be patient.

6. Slowly pour the coffee in to a well-used traditional wooden cup. Did you get a lot of grinds in your cup? Pour the coffee back in to the pot and let sit for another minute. Repeat step number 6 until the coffee is clear and without grinds when you pour it.

7. Lift your head and take in the views. Enjoy the silence while you drink. Coffee just tastes better when you do.

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Lemmelkaffe- Organic boiling coffee

Text and photo: Amanda Matti

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