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Books set in Lapland's Arctic Landscape

Books set north of the Arctic Circle, a fascinating and mysterious region that entices with its unbeatable beauty and unique ecosystem, are great reading for both adults & kids. The Arctic is not only a home for a rich flora & fauna, but also carries a rich history, a strong culture, and tradition.


The books presented at Love From Lapland give the reader an insight into the distinctive world above the Arctic Circle, and highlights its unique aspects in a warm and engaging way. 

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Children's books about animals and nature

Created by Emma Jansson

Emma Jansson is an author and illustrator whose books offer a wonderful combination of imaginative stories and colorful illustrations. 

At Eplaros you will find a selection of her books, which in an inspiring way take the reader on a journey through the Swedish nature & farm life. 


Emma Jansson offers both adults & children a magical reading experience that will enchant and inspire. 


Magic in the skies

A photo book about the magic sky in Lapland by photographer Peter Rosén, author Lisa C. Q Holmström, and the artist Annica Waara.


Book tips

Discover literary treasures from the North! Books set in the north offer a journey to distant and magical places. Explore northern landscapes, dazzling midnight sun, and icy adventures. Dive into stories that revolve around the Sámi culture, wild animals, and unique nature phenomena. Read about brave adventurers, deep friendships, and the unbeatable power of human survival. Choose a book from the north and settle down to get enchanted by its magic and beauty. 


Ailo på kråkbärsfjället

Li Nolin


Viltliv- Björnfrossa

Anders Skoglind



Felix Wink

Ragnar Kierkegaard Suttner

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