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Clothing for a sustainable Arctic lifestyle

Here you will find clothing for an active and sustainable lifestyle. We have gathered clothes for children and adults, from brands with the heart above the Arctic Circle.


Brands that protect sustainable textile production with minimized impact on people and the environment, with form & design inspired by the Arctic nature.

Kläder från Lappland.jpg

Clothes as messengers of culture and tradition

Not just a garment

Many people above the Arctic Circle identify themself with the Arctic history & culture. 

Through the centuries, our clothes & accessories have not only had a practical function for everyday life in the Arctic climate. 


They have also had a symbolic value and shown origin & traditions.

Today, there are brands in the north that have taken clothing into the modern world and created clothes that send messages & create a sense of belonging even today.


Ekologiska Kläder från Kläppi.jpg

Children's clothing from Kläppi

Kläppi creates organic clothes with motifs from the Arctic nature. Arctic foxes, reindeers, ptarmigans & other animals from the forest and mountains, are illustrated in beautiful, natural colors.

The motifs are created by designers & artist from the north, and the clothes are made of organically certified cotton. 

Kläder från Lemmelkaffe.jpg

Lemmel - More than boiling coffee

Lemmelkaffe´s organic boiling coffee has spread like a lemming train all over the world. Joining that train is also a range of clothes, accessories & useful things for the ardent coffee lover.

Lemmel's T-shirts with the iconic statement "Inte sova bara kaffe" (No sleep only coffee) is a bestseller that compliments the wardrobe.

Sjalar från Stoorstålka.jpg

Clothes with Sámi design by Stoorstålka

Stoorstålka from Jokkmokk have been taking inspiration from traditional Sámi design when creating clothes & accessories. Their colorful wool scarves is the absolute favorite and the perfect accessory when the temperature drops below zero. 

Stickade vantar från Elmina Fors.jpg

Elmina Fors

The designer Elmina Fors with her roots in Sweden's northernmost city, Kiruna, creates knitted clothing with inspiration from Northern nature & culture. 

We absolutely love her knitted gloves, beanies, scarves & sweaters, made from soft, warm wool in beautiful natural colors.


Here you will find brands that create clothes & accessories with inspiration from the Arctic nature & culture.

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Kero garveri

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Elmina Fors

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