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Elmina Fors Knitwear

Knitted clothing from Elina Fors Knitwear creates useful products with beautiful patterns. The brand was founded in 2014 by Elmina Fors who grew up in Kiruna. The inspiration for the clothing comes from Elmina's interest in culture and pattern in woven, knitted, and printed textiles and her background in northern Sweden.

All products are made of 100% natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, and silk. The knitted clothing is made by hand with help from electronic knitting machines.

Stickade vantar från Elmina Fors.jpg

Love from Laplands favoriter från Elmina Fors

Elmina Fors Jumper Hej! Box Brun-ljgron-2.jpg.webp

Oversized sweaters

We absolutely loves the knitted oversized sweaters in wool from Elmina Fors

Elmina Fors mössa Multi-1.webp

Beanies & gloves

Beautifully patterned accessories that bring the arctic cultural heritage to your mind.

Elmina Fors Sjal Bottensöm mossa-teal-1.jpg.webp


The knitted scarves from Elmina Fors are both very beautiful and soft. 

Elmina Fors Jumper Skog moss-green-5.jpg.webp

With roots from Kiruna

Elmina gets her inspiration for the various garments from her interest in culture and patterns in woven, knitted and printed textiles as well as her background from northern Sweden. All products from Elmina Fors Knitwear are made of 100% natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, wool and silk.


The clothes are made in her atelier on Fjäderholmarna, but Elmina has her roots in Kiruna, 20 miles north of the Arctic Circle. 

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