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Handicraft as a carrier of history and culture 

Crafts from the Arctic part of the world is filled with beauty and carries traces of our traditions. With skilled hands, craftsmen & artists create unique products that carry the stories of history. 

Reindeer antlers, wood, leather, and textile, are carefully transformed with gentle hands into knifes, vessels, accessories, clothes, and everyday objects. By preserving and developing these traditions, the craft from Lapland is a valuable cultural heritage that both celebrates nature and enriches our lives. 

Vantar från Stoorstålka.jpeg

Knit mittens with help from traditional patterns from Sápmi

DIY knitting kit from Stoorstålka

Stoorstålka has a range of knitting kits with yarn and patterns for traditional mittens from Sápmi.

Knit a pair of "Kajsas marknadsvante", "Elsas kaffebönor" or a pair of "Kirunavantar" in beautiful wool yarn.

Täljkit från Täljogram.jpg


Täljogram has created wood carving kit for those who want to learn the art of creating simple utility items from a piece of wood. 

The wood carving kit contains everything you need to start exploring the art of wood carving. If you want to discover more they have the beautiful book "Täljboken", which contains inspiration and knowledge about shaping objects, from a piece of wood. 

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