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Jewelry & Accessories for the Arctic Lifestyle

Here we have gathered inspiration about accessories for a sustainable Arctic Lifestyle. An accessory is a detail that tells a story about your personality, history, your lifestyle, and your love for a place close to your heart. 

Discover sustainably produced jewelry and accessories made by local artisans and designers, with hearts north of the Arctic circle. 

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Sámi jewelry

Silver jewelry has a long history in the Sámi culture and is still an important part of the Sámi costume culture. Learn more about Sámi silver jewelry through the history

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Arctic silver jewelry

The Arctic part of the world has a rich supply of silver jewelry. In the northern parts of Sweden and its neighboring countries, there are courses in silversmithing and stone grinding that maintain a world-class quality.

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Pewter bracelets

Many people have a relationship with classic pewter bracelets, made of reindeer leather and pewter wire in beautiful braided patterns. Read more about the history of pewter bracelets & inspiration from Sámi pewter embroidery.

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Bags made of reindeer leather

A bag made of the softest reindeer leather is an accessory that lasts for a lifetime. The beautiful leather, which is produced using sustainable methods, above the Arctic Circle, leaves a little to be desired in both quality and appearance.

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Clothes and Accessories 

The clothes we wear tells a lot about who we are, and the clothes from northern brands tells a lot about our Arctic origins. When tradition meets modern design, clothes are created that do not go unnoticed. 


Discover brands that create clothing & accessories for a sustainable Arctic lifestyle

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Ami Avellán

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Kero Garveri

Logo Erica Huuva 100x100-01.png

Erica Huuva design

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Accessories with a thousand years history 

For thousands of years, people in the Nordic countries have created products that are not just functional, but also have an aesthetic value that tells a story. A leather bag used to collect what the forest had to offer wasn’t just a practical tool, it also had details and ornaments that with time became a statement of whom it belonged to, which family they were part of, and where they were from. Today these traditions live on in the creations of new designers and artists. Partly through their choice of natural materials, but also by incorporating traditional patterns and colors.

Silver jewelry inspired by Sámi handicraft

In our assortment, you’ll find jewelry inspired by traditional Sámi jewelry, like silver brooches and pewter bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry inspired by the Arctic nature with its glistening snow and dancing northern lights. 

Sustainably produced leather bags

Handväskor, fodral och förvaringspåsar i naturgarvat renskinn har skapats av hantverkare norr om polcirkeln genom många generationer. Genom att varsamt ta tillvara renskinnet och förvandla det till en vacker och ekologiskt hållbar väska har tradition, hållbarhet och hantverkskunnighet ännu en gång sparats för framtida generationer.

Modern products inspired by Arctic nature

These past few years there’s been an increase of modern textile products from designers north of the Arctic Circle. Beanies, caps, shawls, and scarves, all with prints and patterns inspired by nature. We’ve gathered some of our favorite sustainably manufactured products with a mix of modern and traditional Arctic designs.

Accessories with a focus on sustainability

Besides showing our personality, the most important thing about the products we wear, is their sustainability. That’s why we make such an effort to find and showcase brands that are all about making their products in a sustainable and ethically responsible way. Using natural materials instead of plastic, recycling, and using resource efficient methods that do the least possible harm to the environment. Together we can make an impact through making informed and sustainable choices.

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