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Outdoor equipment - For a sustainable Arctic lifestyle

Our Arctic climate demands preparation from the active nature lover. The forces of nature, our vast forests, and mountains put the most experienced adventurer to the test. Through millennia, products for outdoor life have been developed by people who live in and interact with nature in Swedish Lapland.

We have gathered inspiration for outdoor equipment from Swedish brands with sustainable production and a sense of quality. At our fantastic brands of outdoor equipment from northern Sweden, you will find, reindeer skin treated for outdoor use, wooden cups, handmade leather backpacks, coffee pots, boiling coffee, and other outdoor products that you might need on your next adventure in nature. 



Reindeer skins

Stay dry & warm out in nature with sustainably produced reindeer skins for outdoor use from free-roaming reindeer north of the Arctic Circle.

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Backpacks & storage bags

Regardless of whether you are packing for a day hike in the mountains, a day on the moose pass, or a shopping trip in the city, a backpack in naturally tanned leather is the right option.

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Outdoor cooking

Food never tastes as good as outdoors. You cook a really good outdoor meal with fresh local ingredients & the right equipment from sustainable brands.

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Hunting knives, fishing knives, mushroom knives, and knives for an active outdoor life. An active everyday life in our arctic climate puts high demands on the quality and usability of your knife.

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Clothes and accessories 

Clothing created by designers with a heart north of the arctic circle is the right thing for the active life north of the arctic circle.


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Kero garveri

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Lantto Design

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The art of making coffee

Really good coffee is boiled over an open fire

Lemmelkaffe teaches the secret of how to make really good boiling coffee over an open fire.

No barista in the world can beat the coffee that has been slowly boiled in complete silence, while you are being embraced by a warm hug from the forest.

Learn how to boil coffee here!
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Outdoor equipment with a history

When heading out into our Arctic climate, you need to be well prepared. The raw force of nature, the deep forests, and vast mountain plains will put even the most active nature lover to the test. Our products for the outdoors have been developed and refined by people living in harmony with nature in Swedish Lapland throughout centuries. Kero Leather has been making reindeer skin products for over a hundred years’ time. The reindeer skin is an unbeatable material when it comes to making products for the great outdoors. A naturally tanned leather backpack made from reindeer skin will last you a very long time, and a reindeer skin seating pad treated with silicone allows you to have that relaxing coffee break without getting cold and wet.

Outdoor products for the coffee lover

One of the most important parts of being outdoors is of course the coffee break. At the very top of the list of things to bring are your boiling coffee and coffee pot. The coffee should be had from a real wooden cup, crafted from Arctic birch wood. The handmade cups come from an ancient woodworking tradition and their shape has been refined into perfection. Naturally, we like to boil our dark roast boiling coffee over a crackling open fire. The coffee pot is then stored in its own leather pouch and fits snugly into your backpack. 

Outdoor gear for an active Arctic lifestyle

It’s important to equip yourself well to make your experience in nature a pleasurable one. By that, we don’t mean bringing as much outdoor equipment as possible, but instead getting products that are just right, like the hunting or mushroom knife. Products that are sustainable and made from long-lasting natural materials.

Good luck with your next adventure! 

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