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Interior design with the Arctic nature as inspiration

Here you’ll find interior design products with an Arctic touch that’ll set the tone and feel of your home. We’ve chosen interior design products made by artists, designers, and craftspeople with roots here in the Arctic community.

Country style, rustic, contemporary; whatever your aesthetic, you will find the finishing touch at our fantastic brands with a heart north of the Arctic circle.

Bricka från Stoorstålka.jpg

Trays and trivets from Stoorstålka

Sámi design 

Serving trays, platters, and coasters with pretty motifs are perfect for sprucing up your table setting. On top of that, they also look nice in the kitchen when they’re not being used.

Stoorstålka from Jokkmokk designs trays and coasters with inspiration from the Sámi culture. 

Decorate using nature’s treasures

Nature offers all kinds of beautiful materials to bring into your home for that perfect rustic or country style. Traditionally, people have always been creating ornaments and everyday items from what nature has to offer. Objects made from woven birch bark, birch root, reindeer antler, wood, stone, and other organic materials have graced the homes of both the poor and rich. Nowadays these materials are being rediscovered, and traditional methods are being mixed with more modern techniques to make exceptional products.

It’s in that contrast between new and old that the magic happens. The jagged exterior of a reindeer antler combined with porcelain or softly sanded wood, or birch wood is made into a cutting board with painted motifs from the Arctic nature. Don’t be afraid to create your own unique design pieces. A knotted piece of wood can become a candelabra or a simple ornament, and a reindeer antler can be used as a cute towel holder for the bathroom.


Use your imagination to create your very own Arctic style in your home!

Ekologisk ullfilt designad av Sara Skum.jpg

Wool blankets

Warming artwork from Team Lapland

Team Lapland has, in collaboration with Sámi artist created a collection of organic wool blankets. A beautiful wool blanket with a Sámi motif is like a work of art that is used in your everyday life, and you can never have too many blankets in your home!

Ekologisk ullfilt från Team Lapland.jpg

Helt uppåt väggarna snyggt!

What is a home without art on the walls? A poster is a simple way to renew the feeling of a room and to create a feeling of the genuine Arctic lifestyle indoors. Ester Visual is a brand from the Finnish Lapland, that creates posters with designs created by the artist Elisa Ahonen. At Ester Visual you will find posters with nature and animal motifs from Lapland, for your personal interior design. 

Ester Visual Poster Wilderness-1.jpg

Poster Wilderness

Ester Visual

Ester Visual Poster Älgtjur.jpeg

Poster Moose

Ester Visual

Ester Visual Poster Räv.jpeg

Poster Fox

Ester Visual

Eplaros Emaljmugg finsk spets 1.jpg

Details with animal motif from Eplaros

Arctic nature & country life

It is when it comes to the small utility products and details in the home, that creativity gets free rein. A small cup or bottle, that are used in your everyday life and brighten your day.

Emma Jansson, who runs the brand Eplaros, creates products with motif from the Arctic fauna and country life. The favorites is the beautiful enamel mugs with dog motifs.


Reindeer skin for indoor use

A indoor reindeer skin is a detail thet raises the cosiness to the skies. This treated reindeer skin for indoor use is wonderfully soft and the fur has a beautiful luster. A reindeer skin in front of the fireplace or on the edge of the sofa, gives your home a country cosy feeling. 

You will find reindeer skin with the highest quality at Kero


Logo-Kero 100x100-01.png

Kero garveri

Logotyp Ester Visual.png

Ester Visual

Logo lemmel 100x100-01.png


Logotyp Team Lapland.png

Team Lapland

Logo Eplaros-01.png


Logotyp Stoorstålka.png


Logotyp Lantto design.png

Lantto Design


Decorate with reindeer antlers

Beautiful in all its simplicity

The reindeer's antlers have been used in craft making for generations, both for making decorative ornaments as well as useful everyday items and tools. Today you can find beautiful products created with a gentle hand by craftsmen who possess a craftsmanship beyond the ordinary. The reindeer antlers are beautiful both as wall decorations, a candle holder, and as a detail in combination with other materials. The best chance for finding beautiful reindeer antler products is at local markets that brings all the craftsmen from the Arctic.

Country style with an Arctic touch

A homely, natural style is close to our hearts. A room that tells the story about who we are and where we’re from, will always feel warm and welcoming. Adding small details from the great outdoors gives that special touch to a country-style house. Posters with animal motifs painted by artists from the north, matched with materials like reindeer antlers, soft reindeer fells, and other natural materials will transform the feel of your home. Bringing organic elements into your décor just naturally adds a sense of warmth and comfort. In our selection of interior design products, you’ll find trays, coasters, and cutting boards with motifs inspired by Arctic nature, because we feel that having beautiful, functional utensils in your kitchen just makes cooking more fun. Our products are sustainably produced in the Nordics, and designed by people who share our eco-friendly values while telling compelling stories about our origins, history, and magical places.

Soften a rustic style interior with a reindeer skin for indoor use

Simple and paired down, design products that convey our industrial heritage make for an inspiring ambiance in your home. The sometimes slightly rugged tone of rustic interior design can be paired with softer elements for a cozier feel. A beautiful reindeer skin from reindeer that has roamed freely across the plains above the Arctic Circle is a perfect detail to add to your rustic style. Lay the reindeer skin in front of your fireplace, on the edge of your bed, or on the sofa for that lovely, natural, soft touch to your rustic design. Or why not add an exquisite reindeer antler candleholder or some decorative ptarmigans made from birch burl for an elegant touch?

Warm wool blankets inspired by Lapland

A beautiful warm wool throw is a must in every home, so we’ve collected wool blankets and throws made from sustainable, organic lambswool, with designs inspired by Arctic nature. Not only does it keep you warm on a cold winter night, a beautiful wool blanket can really make a difference to a room. Motifs and patterns with reindeer, mountains, deep forests, and vast lakes will bring a part of Arctic nature into your home and soothe your soul.

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