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Skincare with ingredients from the Arctic nature

The Arctic nature's unique flora and a rich ecosystem are a never-ending source of ingredients that are great for both your body and soul.


Natural skincare with ingredients from nature offers gentle and effective care for your skin. Our sustainable brands in northern Sweden focus on using organic and sustainable methods to make use of nature's resources in a responsible way.

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Organic skincare from Care of Gerd

Skincare from Jokkmokk

Right beside the Arctic Circle, in the middle of Swedish Lapland, lies the small community of Jokkmokk. Here Care of Gerd has been producing skincare with the highest quality for almost 10 years. 


The resources and scents are partly taken from the surrounding nature, and the Arctic climate has characterized both the products and the company from the beginning. Care of Gerd gets its inspiration- and many of the ingredients - from the nature around Jokkmokk, with deep lakes, large cloudberry mires, thriving blueberry rice, and deep pine forests.

That's why we love skincare from the Arctic nature

Sustainable brands specialized in organic skincare created from ingredients from the Arctic nature in Lapland. The brand also prioritizes being kind to nature by using renewable biodegradable ingredients and avoiding unnecessary chemicals and additives. They strive to preserve and protect the unique and sensitive environment, while making high-quality products.

Choosing organic skincare with natural ingredients from Lapland, is not only a way to care for and moisturize your skin in a gentle way, you also support a sustainable and responsible use of nature's resources. By choosing these products you get to enjoy the pure and natural benefits, while promoting a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Nature's treasures

Berry seed oils in skin care 

Our wild berries thriving in the midnight sun are bursting with healthy substances. 


Arctic cloudberries & lingonberries are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. Studies show that cloudberries have significantly higher levels of these nutrients compared to berries further south. This is because the plants in Swedish Lapland experiences a short period of rest and then rapid growth during the summer.

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Care of Gerd

At Care of Gerd, you will find organic skincare created by natural ingredients from the Arctic nature. Order from Care of Gerd's own webshop, or directly from the factory in Jokkmokk.

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