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Care of Gerd

Right by the Arctic Circle, in the middle of Swedish Lapland, lies the quaint little village of Jokkmokk. This is where Care of Gerd has been manufacturing natural, high-quality skin and haircare products for almost ten years now. The unique Arctic climate is an important part of Care of Gerd, their philosophy, and their products, and many of the raw materials and scents used in their products come from the Arctic nature surrounding them.


The old pine forests, the deep lakes, and the lush fields of wild blueberries and cloudberries are both natural resources of materials, as well as a great source of inspiration for founders.

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Love from Laplands favorites from Care of Gerd

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Unisex deodorant

Aluminum free deodorant that really works by Care of Gerd.


Spa Cool Scrub

Sauna scrub with Epsom salt and a scent of citrus, juniper berry, and menthol, by Care of Gerd.

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24/7 Skin balm

An all-round skin balm that can be used where ever it needs by Care of Gerd.

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Organic skin care with natural ingredients

Care of Gerd products are all organic, made with natural ingredients only. For example, their haircare series is completely free of parabens, sulfates, PEGs, and silicone. Instead of sticking to the surface of the hair, nourishing natural haircare penetrates each strand of hair, making the hair glossy from the inside out. Using products that don’t contain chemicals is naturally better for both people and the environment.

Which means fewer chemicals going down the drain and ending up in our lakes and rivers.

Creating and selling natural skincare simply feels natural to Johan and Anna-Lena. Having worked in both hairdressing and skincare therapy, Anna-Lena and Johan know just how many products we use on a daily basis. Showering, brushing your teeth, moisturizing, and perhaps putting on make-up make for a lot of products before even getting out of the bathroom in the morning!

Organic skincare with ingredients from the Arctic nature

Berries growing under the midnight sun do wonders for our skin, and the berries are full of healthy benefits. Read more about skincare from brands with the heart north of the Arctic Circle.

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