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Lantto design

Lantto design i founded by the creator & inspirer Sofie Lantto from Gällivare in Swedish Lapland. Sofie holds the mountains closest to her heart and is passionate about inspiring people to go out into the mountains & forests. In the Lantto design range, you will find everyday objects with messages that inspire you to take on what the Arctic nature has to offer regardless of the season.

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Love from Laplands favorites from Lantto design


#Lev för fan

Lev för fan is the perfect mug to drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate from on the mountain. When you take out the thermos during an ice skating trip. Or why not when you take a cup of coffee in the sun during a workday at the computer.

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Elä, perkele!

Enamel mug Elä perkele, is the Finnish version of Lev för fan, which is a reminder that you will die one day, so enjoy life. Breathe, smell and feel!

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Can you hear the mountains call "Heeey, I miss you!" Then this mug is for you. A play with the expression "The Mountains are calling … and I must go”. 


Meet Sofie Lantto

Sofie Lantto lives by the motto #LevFörFan, which is a reminder that life is short and that you should enjoy every moment. She encourages others to breathe, smell, feel, and dare to take some chances.  

Sofie also emphasizes theimportance of remembering what is really important in life. For her, it's that she and her family, consisting of a husband, two children, and two dogs, are healthy and happy. 

Sofie have the roots in Gällivare and is bound to northern Sweden with both heart and soul. She loves the mountains and enjoys activities like skiing and spending time in the forest. She finds happiness in the special light on a December day, and appreciate the heat from a crackling fire deep in the forest. Sofie feel at home when the snow crunches under her shoes, and not to forget - coffee is a big passion in her life. 

Enamel mugs with motifs from nature

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