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Wooden cups - More than just a drinking vessel

For many hundreds of years, people have made useful everyday objects from natural materials. The traditional wooden cup is a product whose shape has been designed and refined to last a lifetime of usage, and to be carried with you in the forest. The sturdiest wooden cups are made from birch burl. 

The burl is a kind of growth on the birch tree, where the fibers of the wood turn and twist, making the wood hard and durable, while also giving it a beautiful grain. You may have seen these delicately carved cups being used by the Sámi, not only as decorative objects but also as everyday tools.

Kåsor i trä.jpg

How to care for your wooden cup

A wooden cup should never be washed in a dishwasher. It should be gently rinsed with warm water only, without using any detergents. Every now and then you should rub some vegetable oil on the cup to keep the wood from drying. Make sure to keep your wooden cup out of any dry, hot places such as on top of a fireplace or a hearth, as it might dry the wood out. When well cared for, a wooden cup will last you for many a coffee break!

Kåsor med renhorn & personlig gravyr.jpg

Wooden cups with reindeer antlers and engravings 

Wooden cups with reindeer antler & personal engraving are a beautiful gift for someone you love!

Illustration kasa.png

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