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Matlganing utomhus över öppen eld.jpg

Outdoor cooking

Outdoor cooking has a big part of the experience out in nature. To cook outside, you need to be well prepared with functional equipment and of course good ingredients. 

Outdoor cooking can be done on an open fire, a grill, or on an outdoor stove. Most are not always the best, and we believe in minimalism rather than materialism when it comes to equipment for outdoor cooking.



Practical equipment - good to have!

  • Matches or a fire striker for lighting a fire.

  • A hunting knife of high quality, preferably worn on your belt.

  • Can opener for tinned emergency food.

  • Coffee pot in a protective leather case.

  • Coffee bag for airtight storage of the boiling coffee.

  • Delicious dark-roasted boiling coffee from Lemmelkaffe.

  • Telescopic grill stick. (Cheating if you ask some..) 

  • Wooden cup or enamel mug to drink from.

  • Warm and dry seating pad in wool or reindeer skin. 

  • A comfortable leather backpack with plenty of room for your gear. 

  • Gas camping stove

  • Cutlery (Again, not crucial, depending on whom you ask..)

  • Food bowl to eat from, if you are alone you eat from the frying pan.

  • And a lot of other things of course, but we think less is more! 


Trangia- An icon in Swedish outdoor history

Trangia's outdoor kitchen is a must in your packing & makes outdoor cooking a pure pleasure. 

Ekologiskt kokkaffe över öppen eld.jpg

Lemmelkaffe-Boil coffee over an open fire

The coffee boiled over an open fire in complete silence with the forest as a background.

Beauty resides in the simple

The most important thing is to prepare some of the work at home, to avoid carrying too much stuff with you out in nature. Bring warm soup in a mash, pre-cut the vegetables and put it in a jar, and slice the meat to be wooked already at home on the kitchen counter. The food tastes best out in nature, for sure. The easiest way is to skewer what you want to grill on a stick or to fry the food in a frying pan over an open fire. If you are in areas where you are not allowed to make a fire or do not have access to firewood, a gas camping stove is the best option. On the gas camping stove, you can boil and fry food in the same way as you do at home on the stove. A practical portable kitchen for outdoor life. Do not forget something warm and comfortable to sit on during the meal, like a warm reindeer skin for outdoor use or a wool seating pad.


Boil coffee over an open fire

Real boiling coffee can only be made out in nature. For a perfect finish to your outdoor meal, you need boiling coffee. No coffee tastes as good as coffee boiled over an open fire. To get that perfect experience you need a good quality coffee pot and nice dark roasted boiling coffee. The old Sámi tradition of putting a piece of dried reindeer meat in your coffee is well worth a try. The salt in the meat gives the coffee that little extra kick, and when you’ve finished your cup, you get to eat that delicious piece of meat.


Don't forget nature's treasures

When out, don’t forget all the things you can find in nature’s pantry. Fresh fish, mushrooms, berries, and herbs can all be used to cook up mouth-watering dishes outdoors. Just remember to make sure what you find is edible and non-poisonous before you pop it in your pan!

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