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Ryggsäck i naturgarvat renskinn från Kero.jpg

Backpacks & bags in reindeer skin

Backpacks in skin and leather have been created for generations to use for outdoor life and everyday life, in the Arctic part of our country. Kero Tannery in Sattajärvi is one of our skilled craft companies in Northern Sweden, with an assortment of backpacks and storage bags in leather. 

The handmade backpacks, the stylish gym bags, and the storage bags in naturally tanned reindeer skin and cowhide are sustainable and timeless. They are simply made to last a lifetime.

Renskinn för utomhusbruk.jpg

Leather backpacks for life's adventures

Regardless of whether you are packing for a day hike in the mountains, for the moose hunt, or for a shopping trip in the city, a backpack in naturally tanned leather is the right option. The simple but stylish gym bag with thin shoulder straps is perfect for packing a change of clothes, and the lunch bag. While the bigger family bag with practical pockets is perfect for all the necessary things you carry with you through life. 

Why not combine a larger backpack with a traditional design, and a gym bag when you have to carry home all the treasures found in nature?

Ryggsäck i naturgarvat renskinn.jpg

Beautiful reindeer leather backpacks from Kero

Invest in a backpack made of naturally tanned reindeer leather from Kero tannery.

Förvaringspåse i skinn för trangiakök.jpg

Practical bags in leather for storage

Practical storage bags in reindeer leather for your Trangia stove or coffee.


Read the history of Kero, the family business that has refined reindeer skin for over 100 years

The crafts in focus

Sustainably made backpacks 

Backpacks from Kero are all made with sustainable, traditional methods, ensuring great quality and the longevity of each of their products. The skins are tanned using natural methods and substances only, without chrome or other heavy metals. This means that not only are their leather products environmentally friendly, but they are also gentle on your skin.


Scandinavian leather

The leather used for these backpacks comes from free-roaming reindeer from above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia. The reindeer skins are tanned at Kero’s own tannery in Swedish Lapland. This means shorter transport and sustainable animal husbandry, making these backpacks some of the most long-lasting, environmentally friendly leather backpacks out there. Paired with a design inspired by the very soul of Arctic nature and culture, these backpacks are truly one of a kind.

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