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Erica Huuva

Jewellery by Erica Huuva design, beautiful Sámi silver jewellery inspired by the culture and nature of Sápmi. Erica Huuva Simma first started her brand to explore and visualize the culture and history of her Sámi heritage. Sustainability and the ethical sourcing of materials is important at Erica Huuva design, for example some of the pieces of silver jewelry they create is made from recycled silver. 

Samiska silversmycken från Erica Huuva.jpg

Love from Laplands favorites from Erica Huuva

Erica Huuva- Coarvi-antler- necklace.jpg

Necklace Coarvi

The necklace from the Coarvi collection from Erica Huuva has a Stylish design inspired by the reindeer's magnificent antlers. 

Erica Huuva- Fápmu-gold-earrings.jpg

Fápmu earrings

Gold-plated earrings with design inspired by the female Sámi belt button. 

Erica Huuva-  Čakčalasta_ Autumn Leaf bracelet.jpg

Čakčalasta bracelet

Adjustable rigid silver bracelet with a design inspired by autumn winds and thoughts of those we hold dear.

Samiska silversmycken från Erica Huuva.jpg

Sámi Silver Jewelry 

Erica Huuva design was founded 2006 by Erica Huuva Simma. She designs & manufactures jewelry inspired by the Sámi culture and nature. All of Erica Huuva's jewelry is made in Sápmi and the jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver, which is mostly recycled. 

The story of Sámi silver jewelry

Silver & jewelry have had an important part in everyday life in Sápmi historically. Read more about the importance of silver in Sámi culture here!

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