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Jokkmokks Tenn

Beautiful jewelry from Jokkmokks tenn with designs inspired by nature in the north. The production of the jewelry has a foundation in the Sami culture, and each piece of jewelry tells a unique story. Jokkmokks tenn has taken advantage of the Sami tradition of using silver to create jewelry that is both beautiful and durable. Jokkmokks tenn mixes traditional Sami symbols together with natural phenomena when they create their jewelry.

Jokkmokks tenn silversmycken.jpeg

Love from Laplands favorites from Jokkmokks Tenn


Necklace Sun wheel

Beautiful silver necklace with the shape of the sun wheel that appears as a symbol in the Sami history.


The ring of love

This beautiful silver ring is inspired by the Sami wedding ring that used to be given to the bride-to-be.


Earrings Stora Sjöfallet

Beautiful earrings with a wave pattern, inspired by Stora Sjöfallet which is  located in Laponia. 

Jokkmokks tenn silversmycken.jpeg

Jokkmokks tenn- Since 1943

Jokkmokks tenn has a long history of making jewelry. From a watch and optical shop that was founded in 1943 in Älvsbyn, to silversmithing with silversmiths from Finland, to modern pewter production & finally a well-established jewelry brand with high recognition. 

Jokkmokks tenn's jewelry with inspiration from the Sami culture has built up a wide range of collections in silver over the years, and has a large selection that is suitable for both everyday life and parties.

Silver jewelry with inspiration from the Arctic nature

Jewelry made of silver have a long history of craftsmanship & as a commodity in the Arctic regions. Learn more about the history of silver jewelry here!

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