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Byamössan makes beanies, clothes, and accessories with personalized prints. Their products are sewn and printed in Byamössan’s own little workshop in Luleå in Swedish Lapland, with designs inspired by the founder’s love for the small villages of the north.

In Byamössan’s range of products, you’ll find the popular “Byamössan” (Hometown beanie) adorned with a personalized print with the name of your hometown, or any place you’re especially fond of.

Koka kaffe över öppen eld.jpg

Love from Laplands favorites from Byamössan


Beanie by Byamössan with a print of optional town name and latitudes

Byamössan- Mössa med ledkryss.jpeg

Beaine Ledkryss

Beanie with Ledkryss motif by Byamössan. Available in multiple colors.

Byamössan- Kudde med ortnamn.jpeg

Cushion cover

Cushion cover made of linen, with a print of optional town name & latitudes. 

Byamössan- Mössa med Ledkryss.jpg

Beanies from Byamössan

There is no part of the world where the beanie has such an important role as in the northern part of the world. Both in the summer and in the winter we have a beanie near by, in case the temperature drops, or the mosquitos show their worst side. 

Of course, such an important piece of clothing must be as stylish as possible. You can find the most stylish beanies with town names & motifs from the Arctic nature at Byamössan.  

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We have a bunch of amazing brands in the north, who creates clothing for the Arctic lifestyle, that are just as good on the moose hunt as in the anthill (The big cities).

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