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Warm wool blankets and throws are a must in every household, for that homely, cosy feel. Here we’ve gathered organic wool blankets and wool & cotton throws with design inspired by traditional patterns and Arctic nature. The blankets we offer are sustainably manufactured here in the Nordics from organic lambswool or sustainably produced cotton – an important part of our strategy to reduce our carbon footprint.

Wool throw blankets inspired by the Artic enviroment

Blankets and throws should always be close at hand, like on the edge of your bed, on the sofa, or on your favourite armchair to keep you warm on a chilly night. Apart from keeping you warm and snug, a beautiful throw can also be used to complement your interior design style. It can tell a story about the place it’s from, giving your home a more personal touch. The wool blankets in our selection have designs, colours and patterns inspired by Arctic nature, Sámi culture and history, and traditional Swedish furnishings, all part of our Arctic heritage. The mighty reindeer can be found in some of the designs, among motifs with beautifully illustrated forests, calm lakes, and the majestic animals of the Arctic. All of our wool blankets have a timeless Scandinavian design, meant to last for generations. Why not get each family member their own personal wool blanket to cosy up with when autumn arrives? In our range you’ll find both organic wool blankets and throws, as well as organic cotton throws and beautiful baby blankets made from the softest of wools for the little ones.

Sustainable blankets made from organic lambswool

The blankets we provide are all made at esteemed Klippan wool factory. Klippan have been spinning and weaving their own wool for over 100 years. They began their journey in a small town in southern Sweden, and today all their products are manufactured at their own factory in Latvia. Knowledgeable product development focusing on sustainability, aesthetics and functionality, are what make Klippan blankets so special. The lambswool comes from well-kept sheep that are healthy, comfortable, well-nourished, and safe. The wool is completely free of any pesticides or chemicals. 

Making an organic wool blanket

  1. The lambswool is shorn off, then cleaned and washed.
  2. The clean wool is carded, creating thin threads that are ready to be made in to yarn.
  3. The threads are spun into roving yarn.
  4. The threads are doubled, by laying two threads parallel to each other.
  5. The doubled threads are spun in to yarn.
  6. The yarn is wound in to hanks.
  7. The yarn hanks are dyed. 
  8. The dyed yarn is warped on large looms. Most warping is done by hand.
  9. The blankets are woven on the looms, often with several blankets in one large piece of wool. 
  10. The blankets are then washed and fulled.
  11. The woven blankets are dried and streched. 
  12. The blankets are napped, creating a comfortable, soft surface.
  13. The blankets are cut in the right sizes.  
  14. Labels are sewn on and the edges are finished off with a blanket stitch.
  15. The organic wool blanket is now ready for delivery!

A beautiful warming gift

A wool blanket is a lovely gift to give to someone you hold especially dear. For the youngest members of the family we have blankets made of super soft organic wool, perfect for the crib or the stroller. A larger blanket can be a gift to a colleague who’s retiring, a wedding gift, or a special birthday present. Whoever the recipient; you can be sure they’ll love their Klippan wool blanket.


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