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Here you’ll find jewellery inspired by Arctic nature, culture and history. We’ve gathered a mix of Sámi jewellery, pewter bracelets, and photo art, all made by designers and artisans with a passion for the Arctic life. Owning a piece of jewellery inspired by traditional Sámi handicraft and their way of life, is showing your love for the Arctic history, culture and nature.

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Sami jewellery- A historic trade

The way a piece of jewellery looks, and how you wear it, differs between different cultures, especially when looking back in time. Historically, silver’s always been associated with Sámi handicraft and decoration. The Sámi used to trade reindeer products and others items for silver, and silver still plays an important part in Sámi crafts, but nowadays it’s more about showing your heritage and creating beautiful designs, and not so much about showing off wealth like back in the day. Depending on the design and positioning, different pieces of Sámi jewellery can be worn on either traditional costumes or as every day embellishments, and can be markers of identity, family, and origin.

Sami brooches

An important piece of jewellery in Sámi culture is the Risku, which is worn by women on their kolt, a traditional costume worn on festive occasions. The risku can be worn on its own, or together with other brooches. It’s usually made with a large round silver detail in the middle, surrounded by small silver leaves that glisten when you move. Especially in the northern parts of Sápmi, the Riskus worn are BIG, and have lots of small embellishments.  

Silver jewelry from Lapland a real handcraft

Trading jewellery in the north

The Sámi used to get their silver by trading for it with local silversmiths in the north. Today, there are many Sámi silversmiths and non-Sámi designers who design and make jewellery inspired by Sámi patterns and motifs. Much of the silver jewellery coming from the north of Sweden has a classic, timeless feel to it, but with new fresh ideas, and design inspired by Arctic nature. In our range of silver jewellery, we’ve collected necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and brooches made from silver, gold, leather, and other natural materials by designers north of the Arctic Circle,  

Jewellery from the north of Sweden

At Lovefromlapland, you’ll find some real northern classics, like the Norrbotten ring, the Torne Valley ring and the love ring. Classic pieces of jewellery that are traditionally gifted at graduations or anniversaries. These rings are usually made from silver, and their patterns can be found at several designers’ today. These beautiful pieces of jewellery have a symbolic meaning, and are perfect to wear in everyday life.

Pewter bracelets made from leather and silver

In addition to the classic Sámi silver jewellery, braided pewter bracelets are also closely associated with Lapland. They’re made from naturally tanned reindeer leather, decorated with a braid of spun pewter thread and glass beads. These bracelets come in a variety of colours, with pewter braids ranging from simple thin ones, to several advanced braids with different patterns and widths. Braided reindeer leather bracelets are another type of popular jewellery suitable for everyday use. Simpler versions with braided leather straps, or more intricate patterns with snaps, these bracelets come in a wide array of designs. All of these bracelets are made from natural materials and with designs symbolising the traditions of the north of Sweden.

Jewellery with beautiful photo art

Combining precious metals with artistic photography is a new and interesting way to make jewellery. Fusing a picture of dancing northern lights to a piece of silver, or the midnight sun to glittering gold, makes for modern pieces of jewellery to use in day to day life, as well as for more festive occasions. In our range of jewellery, you’ll find photo art jewellery inspired by the Arctic nature and its fascinating natural phenomena.


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