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Food is always a big part of an outdoor experience. For cooking outdoors, you need to be well prepared with the functional gear and good quality produce. Outdoor cooking can be done over an open fire, on a barbeque or on a gas camping stove. If you ask us, the most expensive gear is not always the best, and many times less is more when it comes to cooking outdoors.

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How to cook outdoors 

There are no limits to what kind of delicious meals you can cook outdoors. For those longer hikes, dried foods stirred in to hot water might be preferred, and if you’re out and about with the kids, some sausages grilled over an open fire might be the way to go.

Cooking outdoors over an open fire.

Whichever trip you’re going on, preparing what to bring ensures you don’t have to carry too many things on your outing. Pour some hot soup in to a thermos, pre-cut and package your veggies and meat, so that you’re ready to cook that stir-fry when you get hungry.  Food just tastes better outdoors. For an easy barbeque, just stick your food on a skewer or on a skillet on top of some hot embers. For dry areas where open fires aren’t allowed, a gas camping stove is a good idea. A gas camping stove is great for cooking all kinds of meals, just like you would at your stove at home. A convenient option for an active outdoor lifestyle. Don’t forget to bring a seating pad to keep you warm and dry during your meals. A reindeer skin for outdoor use, or a wool seating pad are sure to do the trick. 

A list of useful tools for cooking outdoors

  • Matches or a fire striker for lighting a fire
  • A high-quality knife, preferably worn on your belt
  • Can opener for tinned emergency foods
  • Outdoor coffee pot in a leather pouch
  • A coffee pouch, acting as an airtight container for your boiling coffee
  • Delicious dark roasted boiling coffee from Lemmelkaffe
  • Grilling stick with a telescopic shaft (Might be seen as cheating by some..)
  • Wooden or enamel cup for drinks
  • Practical seating pad made from reindeer skin or wool
  • A comfortable leather backpack with plenty of room for your gear
  • Gas camping stove
  • Eating utensils (Again, not crucial, depending on who you ask..)
  • A large wooden cup to use as a plate. If you’re alone, you can always eat straight from the pan or pot!
  • Lots of things, but as we’ve stated before, less is more!

True boiling coffee can only be had outdoors

For a perfect finish to your outdoor meal, you need boiling coffee. No coffee tastes as good as coffee boiled over an open fire. To get that perfect experience you need a good quality coffee pot and nice dark roasted boiling coffee. The old Sámi tradition of putting a piece of dried reindeer meat in your coffee is well worth a try. The salt in the meat gives the coffee that little extra kick, and when you’ve finished your cup, you get to eat that delicious piece of meat.

Don't forget nature's treasures

When out, don’t forget all the things you can find in nature’s pantry. Fresh fish, mushrooms, berries and herbs can all be used to cook up mouth-watering dishes outdoors. Just remember to make sure what you find is edible and non-poisonous before you pop it in your pan!


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