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The Swedish traditional company Trangia which was founded in 1925 is an iconic Swedish outdoor life history. The first Trangia stove was created in 1951, a complete cooking system with a burner, a cauldron and a windshield. This iconic outdoor kitchen is today synonymous with cooking in nature. In our assortment you will find carefully selected products by Trangia that simplify outdoor cooking and last for generations.

Sustainable outdoor stoves by Trangia
Ever since Trangia was founded sustainability has been a matter of course in both production and use. The products are made in the small village Trångsviken in Jämtland to ensure good quality and keep transports down. Trangias traditional stoves are built in modules and from materials that can withstand a lot. If a part of the stove is broken or lost it is easy to supplement with only that part and keep using your faithful servant for many more years.

A stove by Trangia gives a carbon dioxide footprint of 14 kg in the manufacturing process, about 85% consists of raw materials. The impact of a well- used stove with a lifespan up to 20-30 years, the carbon dioxide footprint can be considered as low and as a good use of resources. Because of the different materials in the stove are able to be separable the products can be recycled when they finally have done their thing, and become new useful products.

The aluminum that Trangia uses are a raw material that admittedly has an energy-intensive production, consisting of 50% recycled material. The material comes in pre-cut pieces in various shapes to minimize waste, all the waste is sorted according to quality at the factory and has a high recyclable value due to the material being clean from other materials than aluminum.


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